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Having an Open DoD Architecture for Collaborative Engagement

For citizens, industry, other Agencies and even those internal to DoD to engage and share ideas that are more informed and relevant, it would be helpful to them to understand the architecture of the DoD enterprise, at least at a high-level. This would include such knowledge as the key DoD strategic drivers, goals, initiatives, processes, services, technologies, etc. If this knowledge was shared more openly, as much as can be done without comprimising national security, then DoD might be able to more effectively and rapidly tap those with applicable skills, best practice knowledge and common interests. Interest citizens, both external and internal to DOD, might also be able to more rapidly find out about areas of relevance and interest, and interpret the knowledge shared by DoD through OpenDefense. This is in line with the ideas of Collaborative Democracy espoused by Beth Noveck, President Obams's Deputy CTO for Open Government, in her book "WIKI Government".


I shared this idea briefly with Mr. Wennegren at the last Open Government Innovation conference, and the idea has been received positively by those at the Sunlight Foundation and architects in other agencies. One technological thrust would be to deliver this architectural knowledge in RDF so that it can be more readily matched, searched by and accessible to those using other vocabularies than DoD-speak.


I support the Army CIO/G-6 Enterprise Architecture initiative and we've been trying this approach out to enhance information sharing within the Army.



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