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Plan to enlighten US about CYBERSECURITY

Most people probably think this is a boring topic, but here's a way to reach lots of people. Even if the US people walk away with one thought that's a good step...


1. Go on Oprah, come in with a 15 to 20 minute segment worth of real stories, and what you need the US people to do to help you, and help themselves.

2. Announce on Oprah that you are having another "Ask the CJCS opportunity".

3. Announce that you will be using Skype every quarter to have town halls for ideas with Universities, high schools, to gather ideas, to engage with the citizens more frequently. During those events use your FACEBOOK Social Networking sites, TWITTER to collect more questions and ideas even after the event is over, have some people monitor those ideas or questions filtering in, and answer some on the spot.


Okay that's a lot for now, if you get Oprah you will receive the attention of a lot of Mom's, and Mom's worry, and then take action for their households. Also they will happy to learn that CYBER is not so boring, instead it's innovating, and encourage their children to study their mathematics, and sciences for the good of our country, and good paying future jobs. Maybe someone’s son or daughter is the next “Bill Gates”? :-)



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