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Prepare & Fortify Power Grid for National Security

Prepare & Fortify National Security: for an inevitable Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), both natural and man made are deemed likely. One man made device over the center of the USA and detonated near 100-200 miles high, will cripple the USA - coast to coast, and most of the urban areas of Canada and Mexico in an instant. It could take decades to repair our way out of such an event. Within two days there would be no food to buy in any city, nor equipment to run a farm, nor phones, cars, trucks. The sun can be massively more powerful, and be world wide crippling event - except for the Hardened military bases and underground facilities.


To secure our National Security, harden our power grid infrastructure-backbone against an EMP – pre-position spare parts & and create a core system hardened to allow something to come back on-line quickly allowing us to build our way out of a crashed grid, and save millions of lives in the short and near term.


Devise a plan to abruptly disconnect the critical grid components to prevent a continent-wide cascade of failure in event of a solar event (or enemy attack). Experts say an EMP is very likely within a decade or less: from an Enemy = very high%; from our sun = 100%. Assure that nuclear power plants have ability to try to instantly disconnect with warning available from a solar event - an enemy attack will offer no warning.


For natural solar events search: "The Carrington Event" for a historical analysis of the current solar cycle and what happened in 1859.


Please support Congressmen with a PhD Science background - Search:

"Rep. Roscoe Bartlett PhD EMP". & "Rep. David Duke, PhD. EMP" & "On Securing The Grid : NPR EMP"


For man made events - Search: "Starfish Prime EMP" & "Soviet Test 184 EMP". Experts analyze - Instantly crippling EMP caused damage will kill many quickly (days and weeks) - worst case guesses project 90% within affected area will die within a year. A hardened power grid, and prepositioned spare parts, and emergency planning can save millions of lives.



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