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Protection For Soldiers

At the risk of being labeled an "Alfre-doh! (_8(I)" I have to ask this question: How about the military developing a type of force-field generator that creates a magnetic or resonance field around a soldier to either stop or deflect bullets away from the soldier? The more powerful the field the greater stopping power.


Maybe a "gravity" field around the soldier that upsets the kinetic-gravitational aspect of a bullet.


Perhaps calling it an, "Solidified Oscillating Light DI-mensional Energy Reduction or SOLDIER" unit? (I'm just stringing words to form the acronym.)This can be worn as a belt with an energy pack around the waist, arm, or leg and powered by the same type of power pack as used in tasers, but also containing photo-cells to maintain a constant rate of power.

Body armor should still be worn as an added layer of protection; much like having a double-layer of anti-virus protection on a computer.


I realize that something of this nature might fall into the realm of "Fantasy Science", but given the technological wonders that we have all seen in our lives, especially in hospital equipment, I can bet that a type of this unit is not too far off in the making.



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