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When we were under NAVSEA SUPSHIP, before the formation of the Regional Maintenance Centers at SCRMC, SERMC, SWRMC and MARMC(now NSSA) in 2005, we had ONE Uniform Position Description (PD) for the roles of Ship Surveyor (Shipbuilding Specialist) GS-1101-12, Project Manager GS-1152-13 and Quality Assurance Inspector GS-1910-12. During the recent Fleet Maintenance Audit (FMA) the auditors commented on the different rates of pay and PD descriptions at the various naval installations. According to the U.S. Navy’s Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) Vol. 7, the duties of these positions are well defined and suppose to be the same in the U.S. Navy’s Maintenance Community.


Can NAVSEA go back to having "One Uniform PD" for all these positions at ALL U.S. Navy Shipyards and RMC's?



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